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Department of Environmantal Engineering


 Rapid, extensive and unplanned development activities in Turkey cause significant environmental problems.Increased requiements for reducing environmental damage

s and for having sustainable development have resulted with an increased demand from the public and auditing organizations for qualified environmental engineers. 

Nowadays in Turkey, water, waste water and industrial waste water treatment, solid waste management and air pollution control have gained great importance at least water supply, waste water collection and discharge.

Marmara University Department of Environmental Engineering was founded in 1990 and accepted its first students in the same year and had its first graduates in 1994. Department’s graduate and doctorate (PhD) programs started in 1993 and 1999 respectively.

The objective of these programs is to graduate skilled engineers to bring solutions for comp

lex and challenging environmental problems.  Therefore, the program consists of courses of biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics and principles of engineeering as well as laboratory practises and computer applications.

Students are strongly encouraged to work both as an individual and as a member of a group. They are expected to evaluate real environmental problems selected from different domestic and industrial sites and bring solutions for these issues. Hence, they gain technical knowledge and experience about the environmental problems and their solutions.    




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