Course Syllabuses of Environmental Engineering Graduate Programs

Course Syllabuses

ENVE 7002 Reaction Kinetics & Mass Transfer

ENVE 7003 Fate of Pollutants in Environment

ENVE 7009 Advanced Air Pollutants

ENVE 7025 Environmenal Biotechnology

ENVE 7010 Computer Applications and Modeling in Environmental Engineering

ENVE 7012 Advanced Oxidation Processes

ENVE 7014 Soil and Groundwater Remediation

ENVE 7017 Water Reuse

ENVE 7019 Advanced Wastewater Treatment

ENVE 7021 Micropollutants

ENVE 7023 Industrial Waste Treatment

ENVE 7024 Advanced Topics in Biological Treatment

ENVE 7025 Environmental Biotechnology

ENVE 7026 Biological Nutrient Removal

ENVE 7027 Special Topics in Water Treatment

ENVE 7028 Water Chemistry

ENVE 7029 Special Topics in Wastewater Treatment

ENVE 7031 Special Topics in Air Pollution

ENVE 7033 Special Topics in Environmental Engineering

ENVE 7035 Formation and Control of Disinfection By-Products

ENVE 7036 Ion Exchange & Membrane Processes in Environmental Engineering 

ENVE 7037 Anaerobic Biotechnology  For Bio- energy Production

ENVE 7038 Sampling and Analysis of Air Pollutants

ENVE 7039 Atmospheric Deposition of Air Pollutants

ENVE 7040 Novel Sludge Treatment and Removal Techniques

ENVE 7041 Biological Wastewater Treatment

ENVE 7042 Process Design and Wastewater Engineering

ENVE 7045 Open Channel Hydraulics

ENVE 7053 Principles of Unit Processes in Environmental Engineering

ENVE 7054 Principles of Environmental Engineering Unit Operations

ENVE 7055 Principles of Water Engineering Design

ENVE 7056 Principles of Wastewater Engineering Design

ENVE 7057 Principles of Environmental Engineering Microbiology

ENVE 7058 Environmental Engineering Fluid Mechanics

ENVE 7059 Principles of Environmental Engineering Chemistry I

ENVE 7060 Principles of Environmental Engineering Chemistry II

ENVE 7061 Environmental Engineering Hydraulics

ENVE 7062 Environmenal Nanotechnology

ENVE 8001 Theory and Application of Filtration

ENVE 8008 Particle Technology for Environmental Engineering

ENVE 8009 Advanced Anaerobic Treatment

ENVE 8015 Special Topics in Advanced Air Pollution

ENVE 8021 Removal of Refactory Organics

ENVE 8025 Advanced Biological Nutrient Removal

ENVE 8031 Waste Recovery

ENVE 8033 Atmospheric Deposition Processes

ENVE 8037 Air Pollutants and Climate Change

ENVE 8039 Atmospheric Processes in Air Pollution

ENVE 8041 Environmental Organic Chemistry

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