Research Activities




Ahmet Mete Saatçı, Prof.

Water and wastewater collection, disposal and treatment, Water and wastewater treatment plant design, BNR processes, filtration, flocculation, oxidation processes, water chemistry, computer applications in environmental engineering


Ömer Akgiray, Prof.

Mathematical modeling and computer applications in chemical & environmental engineering, Water and wastewater treatment technologies, Deep-bed filtration, Liquid-solid fluidization, Applied hydraulics, Applications of ozone and oxidation processes in water


Mete Tayanç, Prof.

Air pollution measurement, analysis and modeling, Industrial and photochemical smog, Air pollution meteorology, Global environmental problems, Climate and climate change, Dry, wet and bulk deposition together with precipitation chemistry,  Applications in atmospheric sciences, Atmospheric physics, Hydrology, Environmental impact assessment


Gürcan Oraltay, Prof.

Air and water pollution monitoring and modeling, development and application of advanced instrumental techniques in ecological sciences, aerosols and cloud physics


Barış Çallı, Prof.

Anaerobic Fermentation/Digestion; Solid Waste Management; Landfill Leachate Treatment; Biological Treatment; Bio-electrochemical Systems (Microbial Fuel Cells); Composting


Zehra Can, Prof.

Drinking water treatment; advanced oxidation processes for removal of environmental pollutants; ozonation; disinfection by-products; hazardous waste management


Sinan Keskin, Prof.

Outdoor and indoor air pollution; PM characterization in ambient air; Use of Source-Receptor models in air pollution; Trace element determination in environmental samples by nuclear techniques; Determining heavy metal pollution trends through sediment stratigraphic analysis


Aslıhan Kerç, Associate Prof.

Chemical oxidation techniques; ozonation, Advanced oxidation techniques; photocatalytic oxidation, catalytic ozonation, Natural organic matters, UV disinfection, Drinking water quality, disinfection by-products, Odour control techniques, Water reuse


Bilge Alpaslan Kocamemi, Associate Prof.

Suspended and attached growth biological treatment systems, cometabolic degradation of chlorinated organics, partial nitrification process, anaeorobic ammonium oxidation (Anammox) process, application of ultrasound in biological phosphorus removal, process and hydraulic design of sewage treatment plants, soil remediation


Neslihan Semerci, Associate Prof.

Biological phosphorus removal, bioplastic production (PHA) in activated sludge systems, biotechnology treatment systems, design and operation of wastewater treatment systems, modeling of nutrient removal processes, design of sanitary and storm sewer systems, drinking water and wastewater treatment plant hydraulics


Kozet Yapsaklı, Associate Prof.

Water treatment Technologies, Biological Activated Carbon (BAC), Adsorption, Advanced Oxidation Processes, Water reclamation and reuse, Wastewater engineering, Environmental biotechnology: Nitrogen converting microorganisms, Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation (ANAMMOX) and SHARON processes


Orhan Gökyay, Assistant Prof.

Rehabilitation of soils contaminated by heavy metals, Management of biological and chemical sludges, Water and wastewater treatment design, Biological treatment processes


Elif Soyer, Associate Prof.

Water treatment technologies, liquid-solid fluidization, membranes in water treatment, deep-bed filtration, adsorption and ion exchange in Environmental Engineering, applications of ozone and oxidation processes in water treatment, disinfection by-products of ozone


A. Evren Tuğtaş, Associate Prof.

Biological treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater, Fermentative and methanogenic processes, Nitrate reduction processes, Simultaneous carbon, nitrogen, sulfur removal technologies, Microbial interactions in mixed treatment systems, Kinetics and modeling of treatment processes, Sewer Processes, Bio-electrochemical Processes


Esra Erken, Assistant Prof.

Environmental Nanotechnology, Water treatment technologies, Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Reuse, Control of micropollutants, Nano-remediation, Hydraulics of Porous Media


Deniz Akgül,  Assistant Prof.

Chemical water treatment processes, Membrane applications in wastewater treatment, Leachate Treatment, Anaerobic wastewater treatment, Advanced oxidation processes, Hazardous waste management


Nur H. Orak,  Assistant Prof.

Mathematical modeling of environmental systems, environmental health, environmental risk assessment, environmental life cycle assessment


Serdar Şam, Research Assistant

Particle aggregation, Chemical treatment, Treatment & ozonation of NOM, Sludge dewatering


Çiğdem Kalkan Aktan, Research Assistant

Biological Activated Carbon (BAC) systems, Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation (ANAMMOX) and SHARON processes, Usage of reclaimed water


Gülay Arslan, Research Assistant

Membranes in water treatment, Adsorption and ion exchange in Environmental Engineering, Water treatment technologies


Gül Gülenay Hacıosmanoğlu, Research Assistant

Analysis of micropollutants and their removal methods, Adsorption and advanced oxidation processes, Environmental nanotechnology, QSPR applications in environmental science and engineering



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