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ENVE 100 Intr. to Env. Eng.

CHEM 101 General Chemistry I

CHEM 102 General Chemistry II

CSE123 Introduction to Computing

ENVE 201 Env. Eng. Chemistry I

ENVE 202 Env. Eng. Chemistry II

ENVE 203 Env. Eng. Ecology

ENVE 204 Engineering Hydraulics

ENVE 205 Env. Eng. Hydrology

ENVE 209 Environmental Engineering Process Chemistry

ENVE 262 Basic Fluid Mechanics

ENVE 301 Env.Eng.Unit Operations

ENVE 302 Env.Eng.Unit Processes

ENVE 303 Env. Eng. Microbiology

ENVE 311 Water Supply Engineering

ENVE 322 Wastewater Engineering

ENVE 330 Solid Waste Engineering

ENVE 340 Air Pollution Engineering

ENVE 341 Air Pollution Control Processes

ENVE 401 Physical Chemical Processes

ENVE 411 Water Engineering Design

ENVE 420 Industrial Pollution Control

ENVE 422 Wastewater Engineering Design

ENVE 430 Hazardous and Special Waste Management

ENVE 497 Engineering Project I

ENVE 498 Engineering Project II




ENVE 424 Anaerobic Treatment

ENVE 425 Sludge Treatment and Disposal

ENVE 435 Microbiology for Wastewater Eng.

Environmental Engineering Department - Course Structure Diagram with Credits

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