2023-2024 Eğitim Öğretim Yılı Bitirme Projesi Önerileri

2023-2024 Eğitim Öğretim Yılı Bitirme Projesi Önerileri

Investigation of the impact of domestic forest fires on air pollutant concentrations in some Turkish cities

Phosphoric Acid Production from Sludge Ash by Using Biotechnological Methods

Investigation of the possible long range transport of air pollutants released by the European forest fires to some Aegean and Mediterranean cities in Türkiye

Primary and Secondary Organic Carbon in Istanbul. Estimations, variations, sources, and influencing factors

Development of a specific water quality index for drinking water reservoirs

Optimization of Drinking Water Treatment Plants for Organic Matter Removal

Earthquake risk index story map of environmental facilities in Istanbul

Fate of ammonium and phosphate in anaerobic digestate

Adsorptive Removal of Dye from Textile Industry Effluent by Zr-MOF

Removal of pharmaceutically active compounds (PhACs) from wastewater by adsorption

Flood Modeling of Selimpaşa District - Istanbul

Assessment of pH effect and pretreatment on methane production in an anaerobic digestion through modified ADM1.

Evaluation of new approaches to the enrichment of Anammox bacteria

The effect of hydrazine on Anammox biomass

Application of Circular Economy Concept for Sustainable Agriculture and Source Recovery from Wastewater

Long-term Process Efficiency of Complete Ammonium Oxidation (Commamox)Process


Treatment and Recovery of Activated Sludge from the Final Sedimentation Tank Using Water Hyacinth (Eichornia Crassipes)

An Innovative Technology for Nitrogen Removal in Wastewater: Catabolic Reduction of Nitrate to Ammonium (DNRA) Process 

Fertilizer Production from Domestic Wastewater Using Modified Zeolite Based on Circular Economy Principles 

Investigation of Time-Dependent Change of PM10 Concentrations in 11 Provinces Affected by the Major Earthquakes of 2023 and Perform Transport Model of Particulates

The Effect of Dewatered Sludge on the Development of Strawberry Plants Obtained by Different Treatment Methods from the Final Sedimentation Tank of Different Treatment Facilities

Color removal using persulfate activated iron nanoparticles

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